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Professional Property Surveying Services.

The evolution of a property surveying has taken a significant leap in the modern age. We have witnessed the property surveying profession drastically change from transits to robotic total stations to the utilization of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). RA Consultant LLC is staffed with professional surveyors to research property survey records and GIS aerial property survey records.

RA Consultant LLC offers property survey services in the Greater Cincinnati, as well as property survey services and ALTA surveys in all of the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our complete property survey services offer developers, real-estate experts and homeowners accurate work and fast completion time. RA is equipped to conquer property surveying of any size. From small residential

Property Surveying & Mapping.

Having a property survey performed is vitally important when making land improvements. Prior to making land improvements such as, new building location, fence, driveway, knowing the exact location of the boundary line is vital to prevent your project from encroaching onto adjoining land. A property survey completed by RA Consultants survey team will eliminate encroachment concerns.

Following are some of the property survey services we offer include:

  • Property Survey and Mapping for ALTA/NSPA purposes.

  • Property Survey for a new fence location.

  • Property Survey for a new legal description required by a local municipality.

  • Property Survey for a new building addition.

  • Property Survey to consolidate multiple parcels into one parcel with one legal description.

Whichever type of property you are selling or buying or improving, feel free to give us a call for any assistance.

The Fundamentals Of Construction Layout.

Homebuilders and land developers require a procedure commonly referred to as construction layout. Surveyors travel to the site to layout various improvements as they appear on a detail set of drawings. Construction staking or construction layout requires precise calculations measured from existing site control points also known as traverse points previously set by a land surveyor. Sometimes the site control points are the boundary corners of the land being improved. Construction staking by the construction layout surveyor involves the surveyor setting wood stakes at a known distance from the point of interest. For example, a stake may be set ten (10) feet from a building corner. This is referred to as an “offset stake”.

The construction layout procedure can be utilized for home building. Still, it can also be used for other building structures, including sewer lines, roads, electrical features, and much more. This procedure helps in construction and assures that no errors are made.

Generally, there are two significant types of construction layouts: site layout staking is an accurate tool that leads to precise construction, whereas rough staking is often used when the site is not completely graded and in need of additional construction staking. This permits subcontractors to do their work more efficiently and professionally and helps eliminate the possibility of mistakes and the cost associated with regrading part of the site.


RA Consultants LLC experts provide high-end construction layout and staking for a wide variety of projects. Construction layout and construction staking is the act of translating construction plans to the physical ground. The marks on the ground must be as accurate as possible to compliment the speed of site development. Our company makes sure to perform construction layout procedures in the most precise manner to ensure that a project is built according to planning and architectural project strategies. The construction staking is used to ensure the construction project is finished on budget, on schedule, and per plan.