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Drone Mapping 

Aerial View of a Drone


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At RA Consultants LLC, we aim to make the skies accessible and open for everyone. Our company is established on the foundation of trust by our clients through various industries; our goal is to completely modify and enhance the way businesses manage, collect, and understand drone data. Our customer-friendly drone mapping software makes it feasible for industries of any size to improve their workloads through maps and distinctive 3D models.

We have got you covered each step of the way, from drone mapping flight to data development and documentation. With RA Consultants LLC, you can efficiently save money and time by linking the power of photographic data to cut redundant planning hours and trim cost from the project.

With our high-tech drone mapping software, you will be able to get to the practical edge. Our innovative drone mapping technology will equip you with a powerful digital restoration, making your workflow easy and more straightforward and streamlining your procedures. We stive to provide top notch quality customers.

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By combining our innovative 3D drone mapping with state-of-the-art conventional survey methods, we can deliver accurate site mapping for your project. The combined data collection method smoothly integrates drone mapping with ground-based control points assuring that the end product is developed and delivered with state plane coordinates. From start to finish we offer the option to secure a daily, weekly or monthly progress record by utilizing drone mapping.

We also provide 2D photogrammetry. This method eliminates the time and expense required to develop large drone mapping files when 3D drone mapping is not necessary or required by our clients.

Each image that is meant to be uploaded to a photogrammetry software contains all the information and data about physical items taken from various vantage points. And thus, by integrating that information, the drone mapping software can determine 3D points of physical features and generate digital twins in 2D or 3D models.

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