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Planning • Field Survey • Detailed Design • Permitting • Easement Preparation • Bidding support • Construction Services

The Path Forward

RA Consultants, LLC served as the lead design consultant on the Great Miami River Crossing. The purpose of this project was to replace a nearly 100-year old water main crossing the underneath the Great Miami River.  RA performed planning, field survey, engineering design, permitting, bidding support, construction services and project management services.   Survey services included a limited bathymetric survey and easement preparation. Project included geotechnical engineering and permitting support provided by subconsultants.  Permits were coordinated with the Miami Conservancy District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The project’s detailed alignment alternatives analysis considered three different routes under the river.  The main criteria considered were conflicting utilities, traffic control, easements, and constructability.  A route directly across the river, within a tight corridor scored as the number one option.

The final installed water line was approximately 1,000 LF of 30-inch O.D. HDPE DR-11 pipe installed successfully via HDD.


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