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Land surveying is one of many terms used to describe the measurement of land on the ground. Boundary survey, stake survey, fence survey, property survey are a few terms often used interchangeably. One might say a land survey defines boundary lines between the survey stakes (iron pins or pipes) set in the ground for construction of a fence around the property.

Land surveying may only be performed by a surveyor professionally licensed by the state where the land is located. Land surveying requires in-depth research of the subject parcel including but not limited to all adjoining tracts of land. Following the task of research the Land Surveyor will search area for existing survey monuments, lines of occupation, and other relevant physical and natural features which may help define the true boundary line location. Land surveying is a true comprehensive study and assessment, of the data collected compared to the deed records of the subject parcel and the adjoining lands.

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We are recognized as one of the top-notch land surveying firms in our area, offering premium land surveying services. Our team of professionals specializes in building layouts, construction staking,  topographic surveys, subdivision layout, ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys, boundary surveys, utility surveys, pipelines, base map preparation, legal descriptions, and other various land surveying and mapping services. Our knowledge and expertise speak for themselves — and our customers have been listening to that as well. We provide premium quality solutions for your survey and mapping needs. We are thrilled to operate in a varied group of land surveying industries through the broad range of services we offer.

RA Consultants LLC's land surveying teams are skilled at utilizing various land surveying equipment, including GPS satellite surveying, drone survey data and robotic total stations. So, whether you are building a project that requires land surveying miles of water lines, sewer or storm lines, our land surveying team is looking forward to putting our boots on the ground of your project. If you require a skilled land surveying team, look no further.

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