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Field Survey • Basemapping • Field Investigation • Data Management •

AutoCAD • GIS Services • Easement Preparation

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The Path Forward

The Metropolitan Sewer District’s Sustainable Infrastructure Program is using the Lick Run Watershed as a focus area for evaluating the use of both gray and green infrastructure as ways to improve the community and still meet its combined sewer overflow management needs.  


RA provided surveying and data collection/management services per the Lick Run Wet Weather Sewer Separation Design. Under the initial phase, survey and structure investigations were performed for nearly 2,800 structures spanning over 123,000 feet (23.3 miles) of sewer.  In later Phases, additional supplemental survey and investigation efforts were performed. 


Survey initially consisted of five RA crews and one surveying subconsultant, which were required to perform full topographic survey of 158 acres.  Control Survey preceded the topographic survey to establish control for the entire basin and to create tie-in checkpoints for accuracy.  In addition, these crews had to perform underground utility surveys for the 175 acres that had an aerial survey performed.  Coordination with Ohio Utility Protection Services (OUPS) was performed through the duration of the project to acquire the necessary underground survey of various utilities.  Additional coordination with individual utilities was necessary to acquire records where paint markings were not provided.


An accelerated schedule was needed to meet the client’s needs.  RA developed new methods in CAD drafting to meet this tight schedule.  Supplemental survey efforts were ongoing with follow-on contracts with MSDGC and basin design consultants.  These surveys expand on areas where potential Green solutions, cost saving options or additional separation at minimal cost may be achieved.  Services have included confined space entries to review the connectivity of the sewer system.  


Additional services provided include boundary survey, easement document creation and appropriation plats as needed. RA also provided preliminary design services in the Grand & Selim sewer separation area and used our GIS-based SMART tool to save $1,000,000 over the planning design.


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