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Celebrating 20 Years

Mr. Allen founded RA in August of 2004, when the odds were not in his favor. The business he was competing for (municipal water and sewer projects) was dominated by large national firms with years of service and reputation behind them. Twenty years later, larger firms still dominate the market, but as a Small Business firm, RA has been able to make their own niche into that same market.

John came from one of those larger firms and started RA with ten employees. With John’s drive

and determination, he has increased RA to 30 FT employees and 14 PT employees. With his

continued growth, John eventually opened offices in Louisville, KY, and Dayton, OH.

Over the past twenty years, RA has distinguished itself as a firm that offers high-quality, cost-

effective projects. Our business is in the things most people do not think about until it does not

work. RA is a small flexible company. Because of RA’s reputation for service, RA has been able

to make progress into the local market. RA looks for opportunities and then delivers on them.

Responsiveness is something that RA prides itself on, then and now.


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