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The evolution of a property surveying has taken a significant leap in the modern age. We have witnessed the property surveying profession drastically change from transits to robotic total stations to the utilization of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). 

RA Consultant LLC offers property survey services in the Greater Cincinnati, as well as property survey services and ALTA surveys in all of the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our complete property survey services offer developers, real-estate experts and homeowners accurate work and fast completion time. RA is equipped to conquer property surveying of any size. From small residential property surveys to commercial property survey projects to large farm property survey tracts.


Having a property survey performed is vitally important when making land improvements. Prior to making land improvements such as, new building location, fence, driveway, knowing the exact location of the boundary line is vital to prevent your project from encroaching onto adjoining land. A property survey completed by RA Consultants survey team will eliminate encroachment concerns.

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If you have been looking for high-grade commercial and residential property surveys in and around the city, we are here to help. We are an experienced firm of property surveyor experts with the capability to carry out all your residential and commercial property surveys quickly, expertly, and for a reasonable price. Irrespective of your goal our property survey is assured to make that happen.

We realize that when it comes down to construction property surveying, it all depends on timing, which can be critical! Not only are we a company you can entirely rely on, but we can also put our all efforts to do everything we can to meet your targets and deadlines. So, if you require quick access to a skilled property survey firm that is acquainted with all the local areas and many issues which may impact your land, you can rest assured that we are here to get the job done accurately.

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